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Jennifer Brice First Coast News

ST. SIMONS ISLAND, GA -- A local artist is already capturing the attention of galleries and critics. He's an artist so young, his "studio" is made of newspapers that line his parent's home

Dante Lamb has already created 100 paintings in just two years. He's young artist who's blazing a trail before most even pick up a paint brush.

If you take a stroll into the "Monkey Love Desert Bar and Gallery" in St. Simons Island, you'll see all eyes are on a new art show. But to understand the abstract paintings, you've got to meet the boy behind the brush -- Dante Lamb.

"Double Poopsy; that's a good name."

It's good name for his new painting, says the 3-year-old. People are saying the little guy is way ahead of his time.

Brit Figueora owns the gallery and says his work is all technique. Figueroa decided to feature the "Little Picasso's" art in her gallery. She says his brush stroke is genius.

"It's not your rigid stroke that would be found in a preschooler."

And he naturally picks good color.

"I like the white," Dante says as he squeezes out half the bottle.

Art critics are comparing Dante's work to some of the best in the art world. But if you ask Dante, he says "they're all originals."

And he's not shy to sell. One painting already went for $85. It's not bad for a tot who started out with crayons and chalk.

"He's kinda snobby now. He won't even do crayons and chalk anymore," said Aimee Lamb, Dante's mom.

Mom says the talent came naturally. Dante says he just likes to paint.

Some of Dante's art pieces are in the $300 range. Right now, his art is exclusively sold out of the "Monkey Love Desert Bar and Gallery" in St. Simons Island.

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